Do you believe cyber threats are real?

Can it happen to you?

Would they really bother with you leaving the big corporates?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “no” then you need to rethink. ‘Cos Cyber Attacks are real.

Yes, it’s very much REAL! The danger and the damage are great!

A recent study found that hackers attack every 39 seconds – that adds up to, on average, 2,244 attacks per day. You might think big corporations, government systems topping the headlines as top data breach victims, but it’s actually SMBs that hackers prefer to target. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are especially at risk.

Many small businesses need protection against today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks and zero-day threats.  Businesses who transact with sensitive information, companies and business advisory firms who have to deal with highly sensitive data, ecommerce spaces, and the surge of companies who have recently digitized are all in need of good security solutions.

Enforcing consistent network security is challenging for small to mid-size businesses where there are few users with little to no IT expertise. Small to mid-size business offices require the same level of protection from sophisticated cyber-attacks and zeroday threats that is available in larger enterprise offices. We have expert team who can install security gateways for small businesses bring the same protection used by large enterprises and Fortune 100 companies and make it easily accessible. The same next-generation threat prevention deployed to deliver the highest levels of protection for large enterprises integrates firewall, VPN, antivirus, anti-bot, application visibility and control, URL filtering, email security and Zero-Day Protection in a simpler, easy-to-use, easy-to-manage small business package.

Email Security


Modern email security solutions utilise three main weapons in the fight against cyber crime:

  • Utilising AI to learn how people communicate within your organisation and therefore reducing spear phishing attacks
  • Scanning the content of attachments to ensure no malware is present
  • Checking links within emails to ensure they’re legitimate and are not redirecting to malicious websites


Managed Firewall


As your IT partner we are committed to providing you with the best solutions available to protect your business. Our complete Firewall Protection Solutions provides the very best Firewall Security on offer to SMEs, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your business’s long term goals. 

High Levels of Network Firewall Security giving you peace of mind

End Point Security & Compliance


Secure your company owned devices no matter where they are. With Complete Endpoint Security and Compliance from UCL Solutions, you have peace of mind that your endpoints are monitored and secure no matter where your teams are working. 

Your devices are protected and monitored 24/7 with malicious activity detected before malware is deployed.

End User Education

Your team are your best defence against cyber crime, education is key to protecting your organisation’s systems.

End user education around cyber security is an inexpensive way to enhance your approach to securing your organisations systems and data, but it must be done well. The information needs to be relayed in a way that the whole team can understand.

Network Health Check

Most of the SMBs do NOT perform regular IT maintenance, leaving the door wide open for spyware, viruses and other malicious threats that can infect their networks. This can lead to the loss of irreplaceable business data and hours of downtime.

No matter what industry your business is in, We’re offering you a FREE, no-strings-attached Network Health Check, which includes an inventory of your current environment, along with recommended improvements to keep your network healthy.

Mobile Device Security

Today every business is a mobile business, with requirements to safeguard business data, provide secure mobile access to business documents and keep mobile devices safe from threats. Mobile security is a top concern for every company, these days.

We offer enterprise level mobile security solutions to help you secure your mobile devices.