Crypto-native music fans have long discussed the Ethereum economy as a potential solution to the music industry’s problems. The traditional model for music releases is loaded with intermediaries, and the artist typically gets paid last in the chain. Royalties from streaming, for example, are typically paid by a revenue collection body at the end of the year, and they usually only amount to fractions of a cent per stream. Foundation is a community-curated NFT Marketplace focused on digital artists.


Expect new drops in the near future, which will add plenty more opportunities to purchase collectibles. The first drop of NFT content is part of the Preseason Access Collection, featuring Brady and other Betting Baseball Parlays prestigious athletes such as Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Naomi Osaka, and Tony Hawk. The Preseason Access Collection will feature a variety of NFT editions available exclusively on Autograph.io and DraftKings Marketplace, which will offer collectors access to future limited edition drops as well as access to the private Discord community.

Unique Artwork

However, according to statistics, the NFT collectible market still pales in comparison to the behemoth that is cryptocurrency. If you purchase a collectible, you are betting on another investor paying for more later on. When collectibles are launched through airdrops they develop somewhat of a cult following.

It is worth noting that many different types of art and collectibles can be tokenized. From digital illustrations to videos and GIFs, to even Pokémon cards. When you invest in an NFT, you receive a token with a digital hash that tells the world that you own a specific asset.

The virtual world is initially free-to-play, but Nike could eventually integrate paid offerings. Roblox’s user-generated gaming platform offers in-game purchases through Robux, a virtual currency backed by credit and gift card transactions. While there are just as many differences between DraftKings Marketplace and NBA Top Shot as there are similarities, DK Marketplace will face many of the same hurdles Top Shot has so far, especially as its user base grows. Hurdles such as the inability to control outrageously expensive secondary market listings, creating utility around the NFTs to offer extra incentive outside of the collector aspect, and an influx of users looking to make a quick buck and get out. The Tom Brady Ruby Signature is an official Autograph Preseason Access Pass.

DKNG) delivers digital sports entertainment, sports betting, and iGaming products . The company went public on April 24, 2020, through a reverse merger with blank-check company Diamond Eagle Acquisition Corp. Its recent launch of an NFT ecosystem—DraftKings Marketplace—to give sports fans access to digital collectibles from top athletes has driven its shares up 10.2% year-to-date. But DKNG’s stock price has declined 9.1% over the past month and 23% over the past six months. Closing yesterday’s trading session at $51.33, its stock is trading 31% below its 52-week high of $74.38.

The new pact with Autograph will see officially licensed sports-related NFTs sold on Marketplace. The first items to become available will be part of the Pre Season Access collection, showcasing NFTs of legendary athletes. The DraftKings NFTs partnership doesn’t just stand to improve the company’s marketplace, either; rather, it also will provide DraftKings with an opportunity to contribute to the Polygon network.

In other words, NFT marketplaces are dApps that bring the entire NFT economy to life by connecting content creators and artists directly to a buyer or collector. This makes it much easier for both parties to enter the market, thus eliminating the usual barriers to entry. Since almost anything can be converted into tokens and sold if customers want, the fever goes beyond images.